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  Position/Opportunity Posted
  Outdoor School Volunteers, the p.i.n.e. project, Toronto, Ontario Aug 23
  Outdoor Nature Program Volunteers, Kids in the Woods Initiative, near Toronto Zoo, GTA, Ontario Aug 22
  Biodiversity Museum Education Volunteers, vol., Beaty Biodiversity Museum, UBC, Vancouver BC Aug 19
  Blue Dot Environmental Crusaders, volunteer, David Suzuki Foundation, Mississauga, Ontario Aug 17
  Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care Volunteers, accom., Rosseau, Muskoka, Ontario Aug 17
  Volunteer Event Coordinator, vol., rare Charitable Research Reserve, Cambridge, Ontario Aug 17
  Stewardship Volunteers, vol., Stewards of Cootes Watershed, Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario Aug 17
  Prepare vegetable beds at Loutet Farm & restore Gerry's Garden on North Shore, vol, Vancouver BC Aug 17
  Stanley Park Popcorn Stand Assistant, vol., Stanley Park Ecology Society, Vancouver BC Aug 17
  Creatures of the Night, vol., Stanley Park, Vancouver BC Aug 17
  Straw bale building & farming/gardening, work-stay, accom., South Africa Aug 16
  Volunteer Podcaster, vol., Charlie's FreeWheels, Toronto, Ontario Aug 13
  Public Engagement Lead Volunteers, vol., Ontario Council for International Cooperation, Toronto, Ontario Aug 10
  Documentary Editor for a Research Project (Student/Volunteer), Marine Protected Areas Research Group, University of Victoria, Victoria BC Aug 10
  Video Editor, vol., Stewards of Cootes Watershed, Hamilton, Ontario Aug 9
  National Forest Week Tree Planting Event, vol., LEAF, Aurora, Ontario Aug 9
  Tree For Me Event Volunteers, vol., Toronto Parks and Trees, Toronto, Ontario Aug 9
  Volunteer Opportunities, vol., Cool North Shore Society, Vancouver BC Aug 8
  Environmental Sustainability Officers, vol., EQWIP HUBs, Peru, Bolivia, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania or Indonesia  Aug 8
  Waterkeeper Gala Volunteers, vol., Fraser Riverkeeper, Vancouver BC Aug 5
  Live-in Organic Farm Couple, Nanoose Edibles Farm, Vancouver Island BC Aug 5
  Community Greening Volunteers, vol., Evergreen, Mississauga, Ontario Aug 5
  Volunteer Information Booth, Aug 27, Evergreen, Toronto, Ontario Aug 4
  Board Members Needed, vol., Free Geek Vancouver, Vancouver BC Aug 4
  Outreach Intern, vol., Canada Green Building Council - Greater Toronto Chapter, Toronto, Ontario Aug 3
  Content Management and Internal Communication, vol., Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City Initiative, Ottawa, Ontario Aug 2
  Nature Mentor Internships, vol., soaring Eagle Nature School, Vancouver/North Vancouver BC Aug 2
  Wildlife conservation research fieldwork assistants, vol., Mozambique, Africa Aug 2
  Gorge Waterway Nature House Volunteer, vol., World Fisheries Trust, Victoria BC Jul 31
  Sustainability Research Intern, Philippines, vol., accom., Centre for Sustainability, Philippines Jul 28
  Global Social Media Assistant, vol., Jane's Walk, Toronto, Ontario Jul 28
  Nature School Intern, vol., Fresh Air Learning, North Vancouver BC Jul 27
  Skilled Professionals - Sustainable Development/Livelihoods, Cuso International, Worldwide Jul 26
  Backpacker's B&B Volunteer, work-stay/accom., Roberts Creek BC Jul 25
  Board Members, vol., Falls Brook Centre, New Brunswick Jul 25
  Eco Bloggers, vol., What's Your Impact, anywhere in Canada Jul 15
  Web Marketing Specialist, vol., What's Your Impact, from home, anywhere in Canada Jul 15
  Accounting Advisor, vol., What's Your Impact, from home, anywhere in Canada Jul 15
  Marketing Manager, vol., Mosqoy, Victoria or Cusco BC, Canada or Peru Jul 15
  Wilderness Handyperson, work-stay, accom., Nemiah Valley, BC Interior Jun 30
  Field Assistants, vol., accom., Bolivian Parrots Conservation Foundation, Bolivia, South America Jun 29
  Marketing Director, vol., CEP Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Jun 27
  Volunteer Guides, vol., Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario Jun 24
  Panda Ambassador Volunteers needed, Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario Jun 24
  National Park Volunteers, accom., Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, South America Jun 13
  Live music volunteers - Green Team, live music events in Toronto, GTA Jun 6
  Build-a-bike Program Volunteer, Charlie's FreeWheels, Toronto, Ontario Jun 2
  Volunteer Coordinator, vol., Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority, Oshawa, Ontario Jun 1
  Marketing Graphics Designer, vol., Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority, Oshawa, Ontario Jun 1
  Natural Building Interns, vol., accom., Community Rebuilds, Utah, USA May 31

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