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  Position/Opportunity Posted
  Green Bloc Neighbourhoods Event Assistant, vol., Evergreen, Vancouver BC Jan 18
  Wildlife Rehabilitation Interns, vol., accom., Heaven's Wildlife Rescue, Southwestern Ontario Jan 17
  Social Media Specialist, vol., Sustainable Hamilton Burlington, Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario Jan 16
  Grey Tree Frogs - High School Apprentices, vol., Friends of the Rouge Watershed, Toronto - Scarborough/Rouge Park, Markham, Ontario Jan 16
  Sea turtle research volunteers, vol., accom., fee, Costa Rica, Central America Jan 16
  Outdoor education assistants needed, vol., Fresh Air Learning, North Vancouver / Vancouver BC Jan 15
  Sustainability for small farmers in Brazil - rural enterprise consulting, events, admin. - volunteers needed, Brazil, South America Jan 14
  Yard & Wildlife Garden Maintenance, vol., North Island Wildlife Recovery Association, Errington BC Jan 13
  Grant & Fundraising Coordinator, volunteer, Women's Healthy Environments Network (WHEN), Toronto, Ontario Jan 13
  Volunteer activists wanted, vol., Ecology Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario Jan 12
  Directors needed, vol., Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, Peterborough, Ontario Jan 12
  Board Director (Volunteer), Women's Healthy Environments Network, Toronto, Ontario Jan 12
  Garden Volunteers, vol., Green Thumbs Growing Kids, downtown Toronto, Ontario Jan 11
  Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteers, accom., North Island Wildlife Recovery Association, Vancouver Island BC Jan 11
  Volunteers needed, Free Geek Vancouver, East Vancouver BC Jan 10
  Conference Assistant, vol., Ontario Geothermal Association, Mississauga, Ontario Jan 10
  120 volunteers needed, Guelph Organic Conference, Jan 26-29, Ontario Jan 10
  Wildlife Rehabilitation - Intern, f/t, Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation, Madden, Alberta Jan 9
  Fixers needed, vol., Repair Cafe, Toronto, Ontario Jan 9
  Board Members, vol., Sustainability Ontario Community Energy Co-op, Toronto, Ontario Jan 9
  Treasurer, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Northern Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Jan 9
  Amazon Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture Volunteers, accom., fee, Peru, South America Jan 6
  Tree For Me Grant Opportunity, Toronto Parks and Trees, Toronto, Ontario Jan 5
  Community Donation Bin Harvest Coordinator, vol., Prospect Bay, HRM / near Halifax, Nova Scotia Jan 4
  Reskilling Fair Coordinator, vol., Transition Guelph, Guelph, Ontario Jan 4
  Biological Field Work, vol., accom., Peru, South America Jan 4
  Board members needed, vol., Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team, Victoria area, Gulf Islands BC 2016:
Dec 31
  Sustainable Flower Farm Internships, accom., Floralora Flowers, Prince Edward County, Ontario Dec 27
  Nature House Host, vol., Stanley Park Ecology Society, Vancouver BC Dec 22
  Volunteer Program - Construction Team, accom., Orangutan Foundation International, Indonesia Dec 21
  Board of Directors, The Backyard Farm and Market, Mississauga, Ontario Dec 19
  Event committee members, vol., Burns Bog Conservation Society, Metro Vancouver BC Dec 17
  Newsletter editor, vol., Green Neighbours 20, downtown Toronto, Ontario Dec 15
  Nature Guides Needed, vol., City of Surrey - Urban Forestry, Surrey BC Dec 15
  Outdoor volunteers - Urban Forestry Leaders, vol., City of Surrey, Surrey BC Dec 15
  Wildlife rehabilitation interns, vol., Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, south of Ottawa, Ontario Dec 15
  Stagiaire en environnement, vol./benevolat, SolAirEau, Montreal, Quebec Dec 14
  Field Assistants, vol., accom., World Parrot Trust, Bolivia, South America Dec 9
  Board Directors, BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association, Burlington/Halton, Ontario Dec 9
  Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care Volunteers, accom., Rosseau, Muskoka, Ontario Dec 8
  Animal care internships, vol., on-site accom., Wild At Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre, Ontario Dec 6
  Backpacker's B&B Volunteer, work-stay/accom., Roberts Creek BC Nov 30
  Outdoor Nature Program Volunteers, Kids in the Woods Initiative, near Toronto Zoo, GTA, Ontario Nov 29
  Communications Volunteer, f/t, vol., accom., Orangutan Foundation International, Indonesia Nov 27
  Field Assistants, vol., accom., Bolivian Parrots Conservation Foundation, Bolivia, South America Nov 11
  Fundraising Fellow, vol., Mosqoy, Peru, South America Nov 10
  Outreach Volunteer Leaders, vol., GreenPAC, Ottawa, Ontario Nov 7
  Youth environmental stewards wanted (ages 13-18), vol., Oakville, Ontario Nov 4
  Schoolyard Farm Interns, Fresh Roots Urban Farming Society, Vancouver BC Nov 4
  Assistant Research Positions - terrestrial and marine conservation, self-funded, accom., Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji, Tenerife & Tanzania Oct 12

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