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  Position/Opportunity Posted
  Board of Directors: Education Professional, vol., TREC Education, Toronto, Ontario Sep 29
  Board of Directors: Treasurer, vol., TREC Education, Toronto, Ontario Sep 29
  Campaign Internships - Bee Friendly, vol., Friends of the Earth Canada, Ottawa, Ontario Sep 29
  Stewardship Volunteers, vol., Stewards of Cootes Watershed, Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario Sep 29
  Event Committee Member, vol., Kids World of Energy, Toronto, Ontario Sep 27
  Compost & Vermicompost Volunteers, p/t, FoodShare, Toronto, Ontario Sep 27
  Community Greening Volunteer, vol., Evergreen, Brampton, Ontario Sep 27
  Office Assistant Volunteer, Stanley Park Ecology Society, Vancouver BC Sep 26
  Field Assistants, vol., accom., Bolivian Parrots Conservation Foundation, Bolivia, South America Sep 26
  Environmental Film Festival - Assistant Coordinators, vol., Planet in Focus, Toronto, Ontario Sep 26
  Community Leaders, vol., Fair Trade Ottawa Equitable, Ottawa, Ontario Sep 26
  Stanley Park Popcorn Stand Assistant, vol., Stanley Park Ecology Society, Vancouver BC Sep 22
  Communications Volunteer, vol., BC Sustainable Energy Association, Vancouver BC Sep 21
  Administrative Volunteer, BC Sustainable Energy Association, Victoria BC Sep 21
  Stagiaire en environnement et ecotourisme, f/t, vol., CREDIL, Togo, Afrique de l'Ouest Sep 21
  Animal care internships, vol., on-site accom., Wild At Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre, Ontario Sep 18
  Graphic Design Volunteers - Water Docs, Toronto, Ontario Sep 17
  Board members needed, vol., TREC Renewable Energy Co-op, Toronto, Ontario Sep 16
  Board member needed, Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, vol., Victoria BC Sep 14
  Graphic Design Volunteer, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - BC Chapter, Vancouver or virtual / anywhere in Canada Sep 14
  e-Newsletter Editor, vol., Green Neighbours 21, Toronto, Ontario Sep 13
  Environmental volunteers needed, Lower Mainland Green Team, various locations in BC Sep 12
  Garage sale helpers, vol., SEEDS / Trees for Elephants, Mortimer & Arundel, Toronto, Ontario Sep 12
  Festival volunteers, Trees For Elephants, Broadview and Browning, Toronto, Ontario Sep 12
  Associate Editor - international development student journal, vol., anywhere in Canada Sep 12
  Children's Education volunteer (school programs), vol., Toronto Botanical Garden, North York, Ontario Sep 8
  Natural Building Interns, vol., accom., Community Rebuilds, Utah, USA Sep 8
  Office Manager, vol., p/t, Mosqoy, Victoria BC Sep 6
  Sprouts Parent & Tot Play Program Assistant, vol., Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, Ontario Aug 30
  Community greening volunteers needed, Evergreen, Richmond Hill, Ontario Aug 29
  Help dig up Himalayan Blackberry crowns, vol., Lower Mainland Green Team, Coquitlam BC Aug 28
  Gorge Waterway Nature House Volunteer, vol., World Fisheries Trust, Victoria BC Aug 25
  Outdoor Nature Program Volunteers, Kids in the Woods Initiative, near Toronto Zoo, GTA, Ontario Aug 22
  Blue Dot Environmental Crusaders, volunteer, David Suzuki Foundation, Mississauga, Ontario Aug 17
  Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care Volunteers, accom., Rosseau, Muskoka, Ontario Aug 17
  Straw bale building & farming/gardening, work-stay, accom., South Africa Aug 16
  Video Editor, vol., Stewards of Cootes Watershed, Hamilton, Ontario Aug 9
  Environmental Sustainability Officers, vol., EQWIP HUBs, Peru, Bolivia, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania or Indonesia  Aug 8
  Live-in Organic Farm Couple, Nanoose Edibles Farm, Vancouver Island BC Aug 5
  Community Greening Volunteers, vol., Evergreen, Mississauga, Ontario Aug 5
  Outreach Intern, vol., Canada Green Building Council - Greater Toronto Chapter, Toronto, Ontario Aug 3
  Content Management and Internal Communication, vol., Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City Initiative, Ottawa, Ontario Aug 2
  Sustainability Research Intern, Philippines, vol., accom., Centre for Sustainability, Philippines Jul 28
  Nature School Intern, vol., Fresh Air Learning, North Vancouver BC Jul 27
  Skilled Professionals - Sustainable Development/Livelihoods, Cuso International, Worldwide Jul 26
  Backpacker's B&B Volunteer, work-stay/accom., Roberts Creek BC Jul 25
  Eco Bloggers, vol., What's Your Impact, anywhere in Canada Jul 15
  Web Marketing Specialist, vol., What's Your Impact, from home, anywhere in Canada Jul 15
  Accounting Advisor, vol., What's Your Impact, from home, anywhere in Canada Jul 15
  Wilderness Handyperson, work-stay, accom., Nemiah Valley, BC Interior Jun 30

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